Why a Brick Oven?

Why bake pizzas in a brick oven? Peter Reinhart explains it well in his book American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza: “Brick ovens offer an ideal environment for baking pizza because of how the heat radiates and flows; the heat is first absorbed by the thick bricks and is then released back evenly into the baking cavity, ensuring that the top of the pizza bakes at the same rate as the crust.”

The idea of a brick oven isn’t a new one. In fact, the basic design hasn’t changed in two thousand years. Our oven was constructed, brick by brick, by the hands of local experts from materials salvaged from a farmhouse down the road. There is a good chance the bricks were fired on the jobsite when the house was being built, so we are thrilled to think that the oven’s red clay may come from the very fields near our farm.  

Just like the old bricks have been given a new life in our oven, we are pleased to pair this time-honored method of baking with our garden-fresh ingredients.

Here are some photos from the construction of the oven: